Kentish Pieman


Intensely calorific but very good for the soul! if you're on a diet this site's not for you!

My Pies

Fine hand made pies produced the old way from scratch. All meat is 100% legit and purchased from reputable sources. Moist, tender meat and puff pastry to die for!

My Pastry.

Hand made from scratch the proper way. All butter puff and short crust pastry that compliments my many fillings very well. 


Vegetarian options.

Vegetarian options available upon request.


Your feedback.

We all thrive on good feedback and I welcome feedback from my customers. If you want to contact me please email me.


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No artificial additives or preservatives are knowingly used in my products. In light of the recent horse meat scandal when you buy from Kentish Pieman you get exactly what you order. I'm no animal rights activist or tree hugger but I do believe that livestock welfare does affect the quality and flavour of meat. I only use free range eggs in my products and for Farmers Markets I'll be using locally sourced free range meats.

Summer's here and it's the majorities favourite season time of the year. Locally grown fruits widely available as well as a variety of locally produced foods and beverages at all Kent Farmers markets so why not find your local ones and support the local economy.

Well into my third year of trading now and having made every pie from scratch by hand I can say that's a lot of pies!

Been trialling some new products and product sizes of late, as well as adding a few items to the range. New signage sorted for the stall and a few things on the go for the future.


With my pies you can rest assured that they're all made from the heart. Why not treat the family to something special? If you're hosting a gathering put pie on the menu and try one of my many fillings. All my pies are filled to the brim and get better with every bite.



Not for all you slimmers out there but should you fall off the wagon I'll help you want to stay off it!


It looks hand made, it looks home made. That's because it all is!




For all enquiries please email

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After a recent inspection my 5 star hygiene rating was retained.