Kentish Pieman


Get ready to loosen your belt a notch or two!

A love of pies

I've had enough of them over the years from scotch pies at Stenhousemuir and hot pork pies topped with apple at Everton. Fear not the Pieman's here to help you dodge the salad.


I generally try and take at least 6 different varieties of pies to any one market. Pasties and Pots however are a bit hit and miss. 


Game Pies

All my Game pies contain locally sourced meat from my pals at Stour Valley Game. It doesn't get much fresher than this! Out of seasonthey may not be available. 


All my techniques are self taught and my recipes have either been devised by me, passed down over the years or seen and adapted until perfected. 

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Steak in Red Wine.

Moist and tender steak cooked long and slow in red wine along with onions, garlic and mushrooms. Well worth a try!

Steak in Ale.

Tender, moist steak with onions and mushrooms cooked in a hand picked Kentish real ale. Beautiful with a bit of purple sprouting and a 3 root mash.

Chicken, Leek, Bacon & Tarragon.

Chicken cooked and subtly seasoned before being added to a sauce made of leek, bacon and tarragon. Lovely hot or cold.

Rabbit in Cider.

Kentish rabbit cooked in cider along with mushrooms, onions, bacon and celery. A joy for the taste buds!

Game in Red Wine.

Venison, pheasant, rabbit and wood pigeon to name but a few cooked in red wine and basil with a few vegetables. Sounds a bit random and like any good game pie it is.

Steak & Kidney.

A classic and favourite to many. Steak and Ox kidney cooked long and slow until it melts in the mouth.

Venison in Cracked Black Pepper & Port.

Locally sourced Venison cooked long and slow in Port and a very fine Kentish produced Cracked Black Pepper sauce.

Meat & Potato.

Steak and potatoes cooked long and slow. A real classic from our friends in t'north. 

Steak in Stout.

Steak cooked in a Kentish stout giving a dark rich gravy that is fantastic with a bit of colcannon mash and a bit of seasonal veg.

Chicken & Chorizo.

Chicken and Chorizo with chillies, bacon and a host of other ingredients in a tomato sauce that is now the favourite of many.

Mixed Game Bird in White Wine.

If it can fly it can go in a pie! More sustainably sourced Game of the flying variety in a fine white gravy.



Pepper Steak and Mixed Veg.

Like a Cornish Pasty but better! Tender steak cooked in that very fine Cracked Black Pepper Sauce with a variety of root vegetables.

Jalapeno Popper.

Bacon, Cream Cheese and Jalapenos that's it! Warming and incredibly tasty!

Chorizo & Chilli.

Chorizo, Bacon, Chillies and Paprika Potatoes. Like a spicy Cornish and another one that will warm the cockles!

Pieman's Pots of Goodness.

Beef Chilli.

Minced Beef with Kidney Beans nuff said except this one contains a healthy glug of Bourbon.

Steak Chilli.

Steak with Black Byed Beans and Kidney Beans cooked in the usual long and slow way started off with red wine.

5 Bean Chilli.

Kidney, Canellini, Black eyed, Haricot and Kidney beans will in a tomato based chilli sauce. Enough to get the duvet fluttering and 110% veggie!

Spicy Pork Chilli.

Pork, Bacon, Chorizo and Black Eyed Beans in a Habenero spiced sauce. Too hot for some!